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Saturday, July 30, 2022
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Teknik IT Mgmt & Data Security Help Desk

Teknik IT Management & Data Security is your one stop technology provider and trusted adviser for all your business technology needs. From virus removal to network design, to procurement and integration, we provide the services that you need to grow.

Our help desk services include:

Remote Support

In the interest of providing a high quality of service, saving time and saving our clients money, when you call the Teknik IT Help Desk with an issue - we always attempt to first resolve the issue remotely. We use several different tools to securely access your computer no matter where you're at and will work with you step by step to get the issue resolved. Time is money after all - saving you from downtime saves you money, increases productivity and decreases frustration. We believe in handling things promptly and resolving issues quickly.

On-Site Support

Occasionally, issues will arise where remote support and troubleshooting are not possible or effective. In those cases, Teknik IT technicians work closely with dispatch to schedule on-site appointments. Processes are in place to ensure timely response to your issue, and that a technician qualified to handle it is dispatched to you quickly. Our technicians are skilled in explaining technical issues in a very non-technical way. We want you to feel comfortable not only with our work, but with understanding the "Why?"s that often come up in our line of work.


Opening a new office? Thinking about a firewall upgrade? Time for more memory in your workstations? Give Teknik IT a call. We will sit down with you and listen to your needs. Based on those needs, we will tailor a custom solution for your project that accounts for growth, but doesn't include any bells and whistles that you won't ever need. Our goal is to take care of your business, and we do that by providing scalable solutions that you need, not upselling you with things that you don't.


We will position ourselves as your trusted adviser for all your technology needs. If you need a server, firewall, desktop, laptop, software, or any other peripheral for your network, come to us. We will not only work out the best product for your needs, but through our relationships with key vendors, we will be able to provide you that product at an excellent price. From there you can take advantage of our skilled technicians and have them install and support it for you.

Virus/Spyware Removal

It's getting more and more difficult to stay ahead of the bad guys. Every day there are more viruses and spyware online that pose a threat to you, and your business - some viruses crippling workstations almost instantly. Should you find yourself in this situation, call Teknik IT. Through the Help Desk, we can work with you to remove the toughest of viruses from your computer. In some cases, we can handle this remotely, otherwise we will dispatch a technician on-site to eliminate the threat and return your computer to its original, and usually even better, condition.

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